Monday, August 18, 2014

Coming Back in Town

Hey reader , sorry for the big gapping since the last post . Just having such a great getaway on the countryside in Indonesia and that kills my urge to write . But I'm here anyway , more than ready to start the routinity.

Global warming takes action to a 4 season country like France . The day gets cold faster than the folks expect . Since Fall season is not yet to come ( and too cold to be called summer right away) people still in their summer look , bright and short . In the other hand , me , i still liking the all black outfit to hang out with my friend from . Such a blast day to meet her again .....

Shirt : American Apparel ;
Sweater : X (s) M L
Beanie : Zara
Pants : Cheap Monday
Bag : Kenzo
Shoes : Underground

It's easy to recognise her work , the sunflower! visit her Facebook page : Sunflower happiness. However , we had so much fun while the sun start to bright for a while and ( at least) we know that summer isn't over without a goodbye . My next post will be about my perfect getaway in Indonesia , so DON'T MISS IT ! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Paris Fashion Week

Last week the crowd was so busy with their favorite event of the year. Yes , this is Paris Fashion Week we are talking about . Craving for new collection of their favorite fashion house , and they know that Paris serves them better than anywhere else in the world .

Talking about Fashion week , we tend to thinking about big fashion house such as Louis Vuitton , Channel , Givenchy etc but do you guys ever know that there is also a fashion show that held by fashion school? Yes , i was there last week and trust me it was a blast.

Amazing , i never tought that the collection could be this amazing ! Well , phrase " Don't judge a book by its cover " is a relevant phrase to describe how i feel now. They probably young designer but doesn't mean that they less than the seniors .

Shirt: Zara
Bag : Topshop
Bow tie : Topman
Pants : Bershka
Belt : Bershka

Here we go, my outfit for the show. Basicly it's black and white themed look , this bird pattern long shirt combine with a black short skinny pants. To make it more catchy ,  i wore a black bow tie as a statement. what do you guys think?