Sunday, January 12, 2014

Barcelona #2

Sometimes word is not enough to express something and this is what happened to me for Barcelona . I would admit that the city is perfect for its not-killing-winter lol . However , Park Guell and Paella definitely things i miss the most from this place

City from above , cool huh? I really miss this kind of landscape . City with its beach line .

For one more time Antoni Gaudi amazed me with his greatest work. Park Guell is definitely the place you shouldn't miss when you visit Barça . 

Oke , I won't let you guys read without any saliva involved. A medium hot plate of Paella is an irresistible choice as a dinner! Slurp!

Oke , No me without OOTD time , lol . Today , wearing rebel pants and rider jacket is about the best decision. This is me wearing Nikicio hat ; ZARA's sweater and pants ; American Apparels turtle neck.

Yeah! this is our full Barcelona team! and....  nope! , the problem is not on your screen . It just my photo-boomer-friend who appears behind me.  

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