Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Comfort of Chez Yi

Before its undertakes renovation in spring 2014 , Lutetia Hotel Paris has inviting Chinese young artist , Yi Zhou to make their magnificent collaboration titled "Paradise Suite" . Not just an exaggerate name , the suite is all about warmth and comfortness that everyone would ever imagine for their private room. 

Yi definitely brings oriental atmosphere through the interior items . Especially, her magical hand painting on the curtains and pillows which has been a strong statement for the suite . 

Put your doubt elsewhere for this lovely couture lamps , Lutetia (with Gripoix)  and Yi have their list of success these later years for making couture jewellery lines.

Yi Zhou with her elegance look on explaining her work to her guest. 

This curtain is the celebrity of the night , presented with a manga figure and bamboo tree which reminiscent Yi's childhood in Hangzhou along with her grandparents. 


Even me and Sebastian ( ) can't resist to take a photo with this magnifique curtain. 


A photograph represents a 15 pictures of different Chinese man co-signed with photographer Li Qi is also exist to decorates the suite.

The Electro-Cardio Vase , existence of a modern touch to equalise the harmony . 

Food and drinks served are also in Yi's favour , our dessert named "Paradise" (collaborated with Tsing Hua University, Beijing) is succeed to impress me and other fellow invited guests 

Asian design is well-known by its eccentricity of colour and pattern , when it comes together with French classic design? there is nothing could describe but "Perfection!".

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