Monday, May 19, 2014


Some of  you maybe still wondering about the story behind this-recently-tranding-hashtag . Yeah , the one which might touch our empathy concerning a bad condition for the girls who live in a fourth world nation. Well ,  the story begins since 230 Nigerian girls students are kidnapped by Boko Haram Terrorist in the north of the country on April 15th.

The biggest problem is what kind of live will they return to? As the statistic says that fewer than one girl in 20 complete school and more than half of them married by the age of 16 and then become subject to assault . 

No wonder , this situation earn a huge attention from people across the world , even A-listed celebrities such as Anne Hatheway , Angelina Jolie , Justin Timberlake or even the first lady , Michelle Obama are joining the campaign . So , this is the time for us to turns our sympathy to a simple but real act by liking  #BringBackOurGirl on Facebook because peace begins with smile and small thing . 

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