Monday, October 28, 2013

Go for FIAC!

I love modern art ! because it requires new things and demands tons of out-of-the-box-idea to catching the attention. That's way i came here to a gorgeous exhibition " FIAC! "that was held between 24-27th October at several place in central of Paris. However , thanks  to my friend for the 2 free tickets that she gave , it such a great moment!

This is the famous Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans 

A cool stuff of crashed car . At least we know there is no victim here.

What is that? c'est à vous qui le devinerez!

 C'est Wouf (2013) by Marc Domage , Magnifique!

This is why i love modern art , they make something out of the box!

I like this idea , to bring a view kids appearance in a box .  

Another sculpture concept . 

A little bit creepy but this painting is sure has a perfect colour combination 

Yep , Boring by reading? Make it as a vase then . We assume it more eco!

That's me and nope , that's not for sale !

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