Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hongkong or Macau ? BOTH!

         At the beginning of this year , I follow my urge to visit these incredible cities . Crowded , dirty yet noisy is a bias that often occurs for a Chinese city but Hongkong and Macau are exceptional! These modern cities with its numbers of skyscrapers were absolutely makes me stunned!

It was my looks at that day , deer printed blazer with Zara skinny jeans , shoes : Kickers 


What is Macau without Casino? This is Grand Lisboa , Its biggest one

Style : Aztec pattern sweater by Indonesian local designer , Topman chino pants and hat 

 This is my favourite area from this city , this is Macau Central district where you can find anything!

           So , just simply put Hongkong and Macau on your to-do-list vacation book! and don't forget to bring a chic outfit to get your style unbridled there. 


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