Sunday, November 3, 2013

Salon du Chocolate , Too Sweet to be True !

Are you a chocolate addict? You must be one of Salon du Chocolat visitors then. Yap ! That's an exhibition which was held on these last 5 days in Paris. Offering thousands type of chocolate brought by 500 participants from all over the world! Not just by its taste diversity, here , you might be able to see chocolate in its awsome packaging cretaivity !

Chocolate might be assumed as a weight issue for models , but not for designers! They design these marvelous gown and its details by chocolate , yes , Chocolate!!!

 Chocolate is about everywhere here , so lucky that we won't getting diabets only by seeing these stuff.

So happy that indonesia also participates at this event! Bravo!

Save the best for last , that's why i put Macaroons at the bottom of my list!

Missing this event is such a sin for the one who addicted to chocolate , but the world is not over as it is not a one time event. At least , I know that it worth your wait !

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