Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Parisian Joker

Halloween , Halloween .

It is the time when we can express our imagination beyond its level and I was so delighted to celebrate this kind of occasion here in Paris!

This year , i decided to become "Parisian Joker" . When asked why , i tend to explain how the real Paris on my point of view. However , Paris in general is a city with its beautiful site of beautiful building and historical monuments all around . People just know it as beautiful as classical music they heard. In other hand , Paris has a lot negativity of living quality in it . Violence , sexual harshness and tons of pickpockets are about happened in each minutes .

 Joker is a perfect character to represents those all of ruthlessness . I combine it with french classical style to make it more mysterious.

Yap , i choose metro station as a background because it has all of those story. Place where people think they couldn't even feel safe. 

 Pedora : New look 
Shirt : H&M 
Blazer : Zara 
Pants : Inksomnia
Shoes : Dr. Martens 
Bag : Monki 
Necklace : Urban outfitters
 My friends with their looks! 

Be aware of us! 

That is all my Halloween this year all about . It was so fun yet amazing for me and i hope you all guys can enjoy.

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