Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Barcelona !

Hey guys ! How's life there? Mine is génial as i went to Barcelona last weekend! Beautiful Gaudi's work , the people , the ambience and also the food are so perfect as a city. It definitely beyond than what i expected before!

Perfect is the word i use to define Gaudi's work. This Sagrada Familia is hyper beau as a building.

Lucky me to having local friend to guide me around the city , this time i try remarkable taste of Tapas . He told me this is the best in town. So for you guys, Try!!

Oke , Barcelona is not all about Gaudi . The street called Les Rambles is a well known one to get around ! Here , you can see plenty restaurants , souvenirs shop and sometimes there some people with their unique costume awaits you to make some photo . 

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