Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Camp Nou Stadium

As we know that Barcelona is about its soccer team , Camp Nou Barcelona home stadium is meant to be on the top of my list! Not just visiting but my urge to watch a match "live" is officially accomplished! Here you could see how incredible this arena is .

Interesting enough to see how great their local team which refers to best team on earth with my own eyes! Means , no commentator surrounding along the match , lol .

It's like everyone could guess who is the winner . Yep , It was 4 - 0 for Barça ! 

Our fascinated face during the break . Yihaa ....

My favorite part of travelling is the part where i could know the ambience and how locals do their daily stuff . In Barcelona , people do love sport activities and ofc soccer at its top. However , their loyalty to the team is a key for FCB to crowning the world cup.

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