Friday, June 27, 2014

Cruella's Hair

See the change ? Yes ! Actually , being inspired by  Cruella Deville  from Dalmantion movie is such a mission impossible . Having a half white and a half black is an art of catching attention and the hardest part is willing to being the object everyone stares at. But finally ,  I'm happy because my bizarre-yin-yang-hair has finally released ,  lol .

What do you guys think? Walt Disney once said that it's kinda fun to do the impossible. Maybe you think Cruella's hair is only about her in the movies but don't you think it's fun to have it for real ?

Thinking everything around and let it inspires you in a way . I believe live is about finding something new . Before , it's such a million miles plan to try but now i relieve that I've done it nicely . Maybe critic and negative response are always there but who cares anyway? Try everything you wanna try because it's not a guilt to be different , it's FUN !

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