Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yes! like i've promised you guys on my last post , now i'm about to share my last fete des banniers experience . I'm so happy to coming back to the city and it was a blast yet full of excitement to shows the locals how rich my country is in terms of its traditional costume .

Wearing the traditional costume from Bangka Belitung while my friend got Papua's . Yep , we were on fire with these head-toe-red-outfit . FYI , red means brave for Indonesian . 

Thank's god , I've discovered numerous countries this year . The one with its famous modern skyscraper , historical monument combine with its magnificent scenery . But , it only makes me love my country even more! Yes! Personally,  being New yorker , Chicagoan or Parisian is far less exciting than being a Jakartan and being Indonesian in general . 

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