Saturday, June 14, 2014

Something Good about Spring

Actually , spring is my favourite season . The season when you can enjoy the park with its lovely flowers blossom everywhere. Today , me and my friends decide to do a little picnic to celebrate this combo of beautiful day in Paris lately . However, i  buy this blazer at Topman Indonesia and it's dope! because it has Indonesian's pattern on it... 

Yes! when it goes to the day with the sun, all we need is something eye-catching in the perfect way . So , i decide to stick with all black outfit in order to make the blazer the point of my look . 

I'm such blessed to have this park next to my apartment . Enjoying the colourful scenery that i could see only when its spring . FYI , I recently booked a ticket to Lyon to have a short vacation and joining a cultural parade and yes! It's gonna be on my next post! 

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